What I will never get back

California’s evil is overflowing to Arizona. Got a letter from my Father telling me that they are moving inmates to Florence prison, him included. In a few days I’ll only be a few miles away from a man that I helped put away for twenty years. It’s strange to me now that I ever called him dad.

I’ve been going back and fourth in my head about weather or not I should go and see him. I want him to look at my face and into my eyes. I want him to see the twenty years of pain and insecurity that he has left me with. I want answers because I want to be able to forgive him. I want answers for my brothers and sisters. I want answers for the child that he fathered with my stepsister at 14 years old. He laid waste to so many peoples lives. He took something from me, from all of us that we will never get back.

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