My own worst enemy

I hate it when I lay in bed at night and my mind starts thinking about a million different things.

I laid there for about two hours watching the night sky through the window next to my bed. My mind did what it always dose and went to a place that I didn’t want to be, so I decided to get up and do something productive to bury my thoughts.

I started with the laundry and the dishes, then I warped all of the Christmas presents and put them under the tree. Now I’m laying on my couch right back wear I started.

why am I my worst enemy?

My heart has been feeling weird lately. At random It speeds up so fast that it feels like it’s going to pound right out of my chest, then I get lightheaded and feel like I can’t breath. I guess I should make a doctors appointment but I keep telling myself that it’s just stress.

I think I’ll go take a hot bath, listen to some calm music and then make love to my husband before he goes to work . ❤

Love takes off masks that we fear we cannot live without and know we cannot live within.

-James Baldwin

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