What happened this year was meant to happen, I have to admit that It felt like fucking touter and at times I didn’t think that I would make it out alive, but in the end it did make me take a hard look at myself, people around me and my life. It made me reflect on my views, my past and more importantly my future.

It grew me as a person, grew me closer to a person and reminded me of the importance of the real genuine friendships I had created down the road, the wolfpack that I have and the “drifters” I met along the way.

Things in life happen that shake you to your core, test you and challenge you… from those experiences you can become stronger and more in-tune with yourself.

Nothing in life is black and white and we all are complex beings filled with ghosts of the pasts, hidden agendas and loyalties and ideals that can be an asset or an enemy.

Life isn’t always simple and filled with easy answers or in some cases (my case) very little answers, things get complicated and we can ether choose to fall down with defeat or rise above from our struggles.

I am moving forward and slowly my wounds are healing into scars and wisdom that will guid my future. I can’t say that I have forgiveness yet and I don’t know if I will ever fully forgive or forget but I do have love and hope.

My grandmother use to say “no secrets, no lies” I think that’s the best way to live your life, even if it sometimes means persecution or loosening those you care about because in the end, it is ultimately yourself that you have to face.

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