Goodbye was hard

As I drove to Phoenix to drop my brother and sister off for the last time with there mother all I could think is that I hope I planted something good that would grow within them.

We weren’t but 15 minutes from home when I looked in my rear view mirror and saw my little sister silently wiping the tears from her eyes. Then I started to cry with her. I saw my little brother look at me then at Katelynn. He then turned his face away from both of us trying to hide his sadness.

One and a half years they have been with me and now I’ll maybe see them once a month if I’m lucky. I felt sick knowing that I wouldn’t be drooping them off at the house their mom promised them. Instead I had to drive them and their mother around to find a nasty Budget Inn motel in the middle of bum fucked Phoenix. The only thing this place had going for it was a courtesy patrol officer but even he seemed shady. I clearly stated that I was married but that didn’t stop him from trying to get my number anyway. He seemed to think we had a connection because of the Mice & Men T-shirt I had on.

I stayed with my brother and sister until I knew for sure that they were settled. We hugged and said our goodbyes, I held back my tears until I was in my car and pretty much cried the whole way home.

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