Advice for my son

“1) learn to love your limits – you can do anything, but you can’t do everything and that, that my dear is ok; it’s ok to be unable, it’s ok to be afraid, it’s ok to not know, to be unsure and to waver – imperfections are ok.

2) let yourself feel tired; let exhaustion settle in your bones, let yourself crumble to the bathroom floor. feel the coolness of the tile. you are warm. you are alive. you will go on. tired is not the end, it’s just a moment to inhale.

3) there is a difference between stepping outside of your comfort zone and throwing yourself into the unknown. do not push yourself off the ledge unless you know you can land and keep on running, but do not break yourself just to prove to the girl whose lips tasted like freshly ground coffee that you can; don’t throw yourself off the ledge to show her that you can defeat the air; and please, dear, i am beginning you – do not throw yourself off the ledge hoping she will save you. She will not. She will believe you when you say that you do not need to be saved.

4) never give away a kiss. not unless you mean it. not if you know the other person will. it is not kind, it will not heal her. it will make her feel cheated and it will make you feel empty. do not lie with your lips.

5) love always hides in the eyes. so look into the eyes. lips can lie, hands can lie, words are lies, but not the eyes. look into the eyes. see beyond the color. beyond the shadows. do you see love?

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