I wrote my boss a letter 

No sir, I will not take your rude/sexist/selfish bull shit any longer. 

I left my previous employer due to his bro-frat-boy mentality. His lack of respect for women made my skin crawl and I could not take the stress of his office any longer. He was quite shocked when I gave my two week notice. He and his wife both tried to talk me into staying and when I refused I was pressured to explain my reasons for leaving. I was so pissed that I almost went off on him in a staff meeting but I kept my composure. I decided to write a professional but firm two page letter and left it on his desk my last night in the office. I won’t go into to much detail but let’s just say that it was probably his first slice of humble pie in a very long time if not the first. I was later told that he was less than enthused the next day and sent an email out asking for three things that he needed to change about himself. 

A week later all but two of his employees walked out on him. It was never my intention to lead some sort of mutiny. Obviously I wasn’t the only person who felt used, I just so happened to be the first one to stand my ground. I’ve  been clearing unnecessary shit/shitty people out of my life and leaving was a huge relief. What I did was in the best intrest of my health and wellbeing. 

A week before my decision to take an offer from another office, I had a huge scare. I had family and friends over for dinner and drinks. I was standing in my kitchen talking to my husbands grandma when I felt an odd sensation in my head, almost like a vibration. All the noise around me went staticky and I was in slow motion. From the look on everyone’s faces I could tell that they knew something was wrong with me. I took two steps towards my husband and I blacked out. My husband caughing me and when I came to I was in a chair. My whole body was trembling and I felt very out of breath. I didn’t want to go to the hospital but my husband insisted so I made myself an appointment the next day. Blood pressure and sugars were good. My heart, not so good. Until I we figure things out I need to “not stress.”

I love my new office so I definitely feel less stressed. So far everything is awesome. I’ll post more about my condition later. For now tests and low stress. Keep the good vibes coming.

❤ Addy


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