Her name was Susan

My dreams have been intense and frequent the last few weeks. This morning, I woke up remembering my grandmothers autumn smile, her warm blanket hugs, the deep sigh that came after she’d had a good laugh. It was unmistakable.

This morning, I woke up sad but smiling. My hand clutched tight like I was still holding hers. Just moments before the morning came, she was sitting across from me in her white robe. I could feel the grain of the old oak kitchen table with the claw feet where I had sat as a child. She asked how I was doing but before I could answer, she was gone. 

I spent a better part of the day thinking about my dream. Loved ones that have passed on have come to me in dreams before, but my grandma Sue visits more often then the others. Usually, she comes to me when I am troubled. In life she was a beacon, a pillar of strength, steady and gentle. She was the cornerstone of our family. I believe that her visits are to serve as a reminder of the strength that I carry within  myself. I miss her terribly but I believe that I will see her again one day. 

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