My Papa My Uncle 

Within the last week we lost our papa on Thursday and his son, my uncle Craig, this morning. I know my papa truly died of a broken heart. He just could not handle watching his son wither away. The hospital was kind enough to put Papa and my uncle in the same room together before they took my papa off of life-support. The amazing part is that my uncle was not responding to anybody at that point but when Papa passed, my uncle raised his arms toward heaven, reached out and cried. I believe he saw papa’s Spirit leave his body. I find comfort in knowing that Papa was waiting for his son. He was there to lead him home to heaven.

I spoke to both of them nearly every day on the phone. I could tell them anything. They both loved me unconditionally and always gave me wise advice. They were the few men in my life who helped fill the hole that my father left. I hurt for my husband, for my grandmother and my son. I have no words to describe how I’m feeling right now. Pure sarrow .   

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