31 ain’t so bad 

Waking up to 100 plus birthday wishes was emotionally uplifting. I’ve been keeping to my self quite a bit the past four months mostly because I’m still trying to process the loss of two very beloved men in my life. I forget that I actually know that many people. 

Last night when I got home from work my love and my son surprised me with two gigantic bags of fireworks and we set off on an adventure into the dark desert. We romped through the dust until we got to what I call Koko mountain (my cat is buried at this spot). The boys set up some chairs, made me sit down, put a beer in my hand and started the show. I loved that it was just us, my little family and we had so much fun. We ended the night with a bonfire. Perfect.

Today my husband made me breakfast and we just hung out and relaxed/snuggled most of the day. We went to dinner, came home and ended up in a epic play fight. I wanted to keep my birthday simple and low-key. 


Thank you to those who sent me birthday wishes. 

Lovies xo

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