Arguments surrounding abortion.

1. My body, my choice. Bodily autonomy. 

Your body is not the body of the child in your womb. Not to mention consensual sex is an invitation to the possibility of pregnancy. Simple biology, and arguing against it shows a lack of brain cells and common sense. Bodily autonomy falls under your right to Liberty, and your right to Liberty does not trump someone’s right to life, especially when you have a duty to that life. For the same reason a mother cannot kill an eight year old child because it has an effect on her Liberty. This is not the same as organ donation, unless you were directly responsible for the failure of someone’s kidney. You brought a life into the world, that is your responsibility, or when it is born you can let someone else assume that responsibility. In the case of rape, the mother and child are innocent, the rapist should pay, the child should not.

The suicide rate among women who have had abortions is 6 times higher than women who give birth. 

2. Consent to sex is not consent to pregnancy

I’d like to see you apply that logic to STD’s as both STD’s and pregnancy are a well known CONSEQUENCE to sex. Every action you have in life bears a consequence. If you don’t want to face a consequence, don’t do the action. 

3. A fetus is not a human being and has no rights

Open up a science textbook because that is 100% ignorant. That is a statement with no basis in fact what so ever and is a figment of your imagination. A fetus is not an alien it is a human.

4. A fetus is just a clump of cells

So are you, so am I, so is the entire world. The size of the “clump of cells” should not determine it’s worth. It’s DNA says human, therefore it is human. SCIENCE.

5. Forcing a woman to endure pregnancy is torture.

Yeah, it’s just like the Spanish Inquisition! No. It’s uncomfortable. A lot of life is uncomfortable and unpleasant. Wearing an uncomfortable pair of shoes every day to work is not torture, you bought the shoes. If you don’t want to get pregnant, don’t have sex. I don’t know why this is such a shocking and abhorrent thing to say in today’s day and time. BEING ABSTINENT WILL NOT KILL YOU. You don’t need sex to SURVIVE. The above statement is purely emotional and is not a fact. The majority of women enjoy giving life to their child. 

6. What if the mother’s life is in danger?

Then it’s self defense and the mother should be able to choose, but ONLY if she is in danger.

7. What if she’s raped?

The baby didn’t rape her, the asshole who raped her raped her. And again, the statistics for suicide are six times higher in women who have abortions versus women who give birth. Psychologically, seeing something positive out of a negative situation has a mental benefit to the mother. She doesn’t have to keep it and raise it either.

8. So many kids aren’t adopted how can you add more to the system?!

I myself am not adding to the system. I myself will be adopting. How about you adopt? Abortions will not stop children from going into foster homes. All kinds of drug addicts, thieves, robbers, and murderers have children and end up in prison and their children go into the system. The foster system is not full of teenager babies, and middle class mother babies, and lower class law abiding families. You want to help solve the problem of the massive population of children in foster homes? Take care of our criminal element first. Repair broken homes first. Help this generation learn what love really is so families aren’t ripped apart every damn day.

Put your efforts in the right place to actually solve the problem instead of putting a bandaid on it.

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