Warning if your squamish do not read ⚠️ 

In 2010, after several failed attempts to loose weight I underwent gastric lapband surgery to get healthy. I had nothing but problems from the start. I threw up almost anything that I tried to eat and I was never with out pain. I thought it was apart of the process so I toughed it out for two years. One night I got fed up and decided that I wanted to have it taken out. It never worked the way I was lead to believe it would and I didn’t want the pain anymore. I went to my bariatric surgeon and asked to have it removed. I was told that they would not remove it until it was causing me serious health issues. I explained my reason but I was still turned away.

I decided that if I couldn’t remove it that I would have all of the fluid taken out of the band but even then it still caused me pain. I got very depressed and decided that I was just going to eat whatever I wanted because I had failed. I ended up gaining all of my weight back and then some. I got all the way up to 250lbs, the highest weight I have ever been.   It only fueled my depression and emotional dependence on food. I had absolutely no self esteem. Looking back I wish I would have not given up on myself so easily.

In 2013 I was diagnosed with hypertension and fatty liver. It scared me so I started working at taking better care of my body. I lost 60lbs but gained back 30 pounds due to some traumatic life events. I’ve hovered at that weight ever since.

In November of last year I found a company that would take my lapband out and do a revision to a gastric sleeve for a fraction of what I paid for my original surgery. I started to do extensive research and decided to move forward with the procedure. My surgery was done on February 24th 2017. It was painful but I received very good care. I even met some really amazing people that became friends. Overall the experience was wonderful.

I’m glad to be home with my husband, son and my animals. So far I’m pretty tired and weak but that’s to be expected. I started a pre op liquid diet February 21st and I’m still on only liquids until the end of the month. It’s strange because I’m not hungry at all. I’ll post on my progress throughout the year. Below are some pictures from the surgery.

This is the part of my stomach that was removed.

My wounds and drain. The drain was the worst part. A foot of the drain was coiled around my diaphragm and went into my stomach cavity. It was very hard and painful to breath the first night after surgery. It was removed the next morning, it felt like a large worm was being pulled out of me. My stomach was very swollen in these picture.

The next pictures are random.

My wounds as of today. My husband has been kind enough to change all of my bandages. My stomach is less swollen.

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