To the death!!

So….. I’m laying on the couch trying to relax. I get all snuggled in with my blanket and pillow; I’m super excited because I found Unsolved Mysteries on Amazon last night and right I start the first episode I feel a tickle near my armpit. I lifted the blanket to investigate and found nothing. Then a few seconds later I feel another tickle by my wrist so I rubbed it thinking its dog hair or maybe it’s just in my head. I’m laying there for a good ten minutes and then I have pee so I went and as I stood up to pull my pants up I see this little guy on my thigh. I didn’t scream or freak out (externally anyway) I just tried to flick him off with toilet paper but instead he fell on my shin. Then I start to panic a little and start frantically looking for something stiffer to flick him off with because I’m like or crap he’s going to fall on my foot and I’m going to get stung! It had to be by the grace of God that it didn’t happen already. I finally got him off and then I proceeded to run and jump around the house screaming Oh My God, Oh My God! And that is the end of my scorpion battle story.

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