E.R (The short version)

I went shopping with my sister last night to look for some flowy tee shirt dresses,  I don’t want to wear pants because my incisions are starting to itch and get irritated. I found what I wanted and headed up to pay for it. I started to feel shaky and disoriented. My heart was pounding so hard that it felt like it was choking me and then I fell over. Luckily my sister grabbed me and helped me get to a chair. I had my Apple Watch on so I had my sister check my heart rate (my vision was fuzzy) and it was at 189 beats per minute.  

I refuse to let anyone call an ambulance. I called my husband and he drove about 80 miles per hour to the hospital. When I got there I was immediately pulled back to get checked in. My heart rate had dropped to about 120 and my blood pressure was super high. Took about 30 minutes to actually get into a room but in between that time they took me back for a chest x-ray to look at my heart.

When I finally got into a room I had every test done known man. They all came back good. I ended up being pretty dehydrated and that is what caused my little episode. I feel like all I do is drink but apparently it’s not enough. Adjusting to a stomach that only holds 4oz is tough but I’m determined. 

Night Night lovies.


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