Traveling and other missadventures…

Super long post……

It’s been some months since I’ve posted anything of substance on here. This is partially due to all of the traveling I’ve done this summer. I spent a little over two weeks in California visiting family and friends, exploring and simply just letting my soul rest. I came home for a week and left again a day after my birthday to Alaska. I’m finally heading home this Saturday (yay). The other reason I have not posted so much is because of health issue. I had to wear a cardiac event monitor for over a month as well as go through a battery of tests. I was diagnosed with Premature Atrial Complexes and Sinus Tachycardia, basically I have an extra heartbeat and an abnormally fast heart rate. Although I am extremely grateful that it’s not something worse, It’s scary and uncomfortable to deal with. I’ve been in the hospital three times since April of this year with a heart rate of almost 200 beats per minute. I thought I was going to die and I can promise you that is not and exaggeration. This condition is something that I have likely had for a while but was agitated by the surgery I had in February. I’ll meet with my cardiologist once I’m home to discuss treatment options. So far from what I’ve researched on the interwebs, it looks like medication, surgery to shock my heart back into a normal rhythm or having a pace maker implanted are my options. My hope is that I’ll be able to take meds. No matter the case I will not let this stop me from reaching my goals.

Since I have not been posting I wanted to share some highlights of my travels. So here we go.

  1. I spent a lot of time at the beach. Anyone that knows me knows that I love walking the beach and finding little treasures. This is something that I’ve held dear since I was a child.
  2. I got to catch up with many of my friends from childhood, I loved hearing there stories and reminiscing. This really helped me to get back to my roots and feel more grounded.
  3. I wore a swim suit and actually felt cute and comfortable in it.
  4. I spent a lot of good quality time with my sisters and my uncle.
  5. My sister and I explored down town Lodi and watched the sunset from a parking garage roof. It was so beautiful!
  6. I saw a grizzly bear walk across the street in my grandmas neighborhood, Kinda scary but magnificent. I actually had to go and warn people because It’s Alaska and that what you do.
  7. I read 4 really good books and stayed away from television for over a month.
  8. I went salmon fishing on the Kenai River and caught three fish.
  9. I leaned how to clean, process and wood smoke my fish. I also learned how to properly jar and preserve food.
  10. I went on a 4 hour float trip down the Kenai and got to see some really beautiful views.
  11. I got within about five feet of an eagle that came to take our fish scraps that we dumped on the beach. I think she was just as interested in me because she let me get so close to her. We just stared at each other for a few minutes and then I left her alone to eat.
  12. I saw so may moose and their babies. So cute!!
  13. I flew my niece to Alaska and took her and my son to the Alaska Wildlife refuge. We saw moose, caribou, reindeer, black bear, grizzlies, lynx, porcupines, buffalo, bison and my absolute favorite, wolves.
  14. I spent a month at my father in laws cabin in the middle of the Soldotna forest and took a sauna almost every night.
  15. ❤️
  16. I got to watch my sister and brother in law perform onstage for the first time. My sister also sang and performed with her boyfriend at a wedding I was in. She talked my son into playing a son with her, it was super badass.
  17. For the first time, I was a bridesmaid. I got talked into doing everyones makeup. Talk about pressure lol

See my next blog post for pictures of my adventures!

xo Mandy

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