I should be sleeping but my brain has other plans. I have VNG testing tomorrow to see if the dizzy spells I’ve been having are caused by an inner ear issue. If the test comes back negative, i’ll have to have a CAT scan of my brain. The last time I had one done I felt like I peed myself because of the contrast dye they inject. It was embarrassing. Hopefully we figure out what’s going on soon.

Curio Cabinet

My cousin and I went to breakfast a few days ago and we were talking about our connection and interest in the paranormal and other oddities. We have together and separately experienced some seriously creepy ass unexplainable shit and I have always felt like I was haunted and somewhat clairvoyant. Whenever we get into those discussions our grandma Sue usually comes up. The house she owned when I was growing up was haunted as fuck, some man drown his son in the bathtub before she bought the place. I’m unsure if she knew about it before she moved in, or if weird shit started happening after and she researched and found out about it. She would have seances and psychics come to the house. Once, she even had Sylvia Brown do a reading for her. She also loved wizards and unicorn, I think I defiantly get my weirdness from her <3.

There was this curio cabinet in her family room that she kept some of her mystical treasures in. she had a crystal ball, all different kinds of stones and crystals. She also kept old photographs and her poetry books in it, some of which was her own writing. I was always very curious about what was inside that cabinet and sometimes she would let me open it and check out what was inside. After she passed away her things were not well taken care of which I was super pissed and sad about. TheĀ Curio Cabinet was one of the few things that didn’t get sold or destroyed, my Uncle J had it. He gave it to me a few months ago along with other antique furniture from his house. Today I finally cleaned it up and put all of my own “odds and ends” in it. I’m so grateful that he gave it to me because its like having a piece of her and a cherished part of my childhood.