If I have ever loved you I still Do.

I cannot speak for anyone else because I don’t know what’s in their heart, I can only say what is on my own… and it is love; Love for the people who are in my life, love for the people who’ve left it and even love for those who’ve hurt me in unspeakable ways. People who, by rights, I should probably hate – but I don’t… I can’t… because I’m not that kind of person.
The people I’ve never loved, I simply don’t love… I don’t hate them… I may even like them… but love for me is a rare and special kind of bond that lasts a lifetime whether you’re in my life or not. There are moments I feel like the love is gone, but really it’s just transformed into another kind of love… it’s still there, it’s just taken on a new form.
There is no-one I have ever loved who I would not smile for on their happiest day or cry with if I saw them crying… it would not matter if we were lovers who broke up, friends who parted ways or family I distanced myself from for my own sanity… If I’ve ever loved you – then I still do. I will always love you… I will always care.
I have given you a piece of my soul… how could I not?

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