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Goodbye my sweet friend

When my mom called me the night before last to tell me that my friend Tiffanie passed away, it felt like my breath was instantly sucked out of my lungs. My chest was heavy and I got quite, I didn’t cry right away. My mind instantly flooded with memories of her and I was in disbelief for a good ten minutes. I hung up … Read More Goodbye my sweet friend

Massage time is much needed.

No makeup and looking like a hot mess but I don’t care.

Baby you can have whatever you like.


My heart hurts. I got the news tonight that one of my friends passed away. So fucking sad.

Monday mischief


This is me being vulnerable and real about the not so glamorous parts of extreme weight loss. I get asked often if I have loose skin and the answer is YES, I do. In my case it’s not as bad as others I’ve seen but it is defiantly uncomfortable. Some of the skin will tighten with time and exercise, but for the areas that … Read More Skin

A Few things

I was crying alone in my bathroom because I didn’t want my husband to hear me (he was sleeping ). I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I realized that I’m an ugly crier. Just another reason why I hate crying in front of people. After I left the bathroom, I walked into my bedroom to my husband’s side of the … Read More A Few things

No words to describe what kind of fucked up day I’ve had. I just want to lay in the dark and cry.

My face when someone that I’m not comfortable with touches me.


I want to take a trip to Sedona soon, possibly a solo one.

Fancy Friday