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Unhinged at the chest, this is always my undoing.

It’s almost Friday ❤️

GD Christmas party

My Christmas party outfit is now complete. I decided on boots with my dress because I didn’t want to be sinking in the grass with heals. I do love the high heals that I have on in the pictures though, I should have bought them. I’m not super happy with my arms yet, but a little more toning and possibly surgery next year. Either … Read More GD Christmas party

First time shopping at Victoria Secret since high school. NSV <3

I’m in my car way to much 😑

Traveling and other missadventures…

Super long post…… It’s been some months since I’ve posted anything of substance on here. This is partially due to all of the traveling I’ve done this summer. I spent a little over two weeks in California visiting family and friends, exploring and simply just letting my soul rest. I came home for a week and left again a day after my birthday to … Read More Traveling and other missadventures…

Urn Necklace 

Tonight when I got home from work, I received a big yellow envelope from my Grandma in Alaska. In it contained some gift cards and two smaller white envelopes with “Papa” and “Craig” written on them, father and son. I knew the contents would be their ashes. I couldn’t bring myself to open them for a few hours because somehow, even though it’s almost … Read More Urn Necklace 

Nooooo Filters 

Be brave and keep going ❤️

My leaves are changing