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Beauty grows from the ashes 

This is an important lesson to remember when you’re having a bad day, a bad month, or a shitty year.

Today was cray cray, found out I’m going to Vegas for work in September. I’m exhausted but I still have shit to do sigh… Going for a walk when I get home, hot bath, maybe a post before bed.

Love-less people 

“I think a huge mistake we make is not allowing ourselves to feel. Whenever I’m driving in my car and a memory pops into my head that forms a lump in my throat my first instinct is to immediately shut it away. But I try to force myself to feel it, the loss. I let myself cry and slam my fists into the steering … Read More Love-less people 

i swallow
like pills. they put me to sleep.

Makes perfect sense

I have this horrible disease of refusing to be like everyone else.

I understand this to well

“As I see it, you are living with something that you keep hidden deep inside. Something heavy. I felt it from the first time I met you. You have a strong gaze, as if you have made up your mind about something. To tell you the truth, I myself carry such things around inside. Heavy things. That is how I can see it in … Read More I understand this to well

“Perhaps a sin that humbles you is better than a good deed that makes you arrogant”


if we had met 
untainted – 
by life, 
by people 
who break hearts, 
by worn-out promises 
and lost dreams,
 by years, 
time itself, 
time of things unsaid – 
maybe then 
we would have been able to love 
the way it counts.

It was in love I was created and in love is how I hope to die.

Poor fat desert toad, never saw me coming 😦


I find such happiness in a hot cup of coffee early in the morning while watching the birdies on my back porch.

A case of the Thursday blues?

I had nightmares about giant bugs and bitchy patients during the two hours of sleep I got this morning before work. Withdrawing from antidepressants while trying to give good customer service with a smile was not working out for me today so I came home early. Hot bath, tea and bed.