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I love pictures

Because the best thing¬†about them is that, they never change. Even when the people in them do…

I still sleep with a dream catcher above my bed.

You would have been 73 years old today. I often wonder how my life would have been influenced had you been here to guid me as I grew up. What advice would you have given me? Would you be proud of who I am today? I wish you could have watched me graduate high school. I would love to have danced with you at … Read More I still sleep with a dream catcher above my bed.

My loft before and after

Happy Sunday

Not a very productive weekend, but got a lot of family time in which is always nice. My little sister had her dance concert on Friday night, after that we went to a party at my aunts house. Saturday we got up early and went shooting, I found out I’m pretty good with an assault riffle and later that night we had some family … Read More Happy Sunday

Beautifully Broken

I found these wings on my morning run a few days ago. what I wouldnt give for a pair of my own….

If my heart could speak

If my heart could speak this is what it would say. I wish I could make you understand my pain and the loss that I feel. It’s the death of us, of the love that I thought I could always count on to get us through anything because it always has. It’s the loss of family hugs with our son, of putting up the … Read More If my heart could speak

Running Backwards

I can only describe it as running backward away from the light I reach out to grasp at fading flickers that dace on my fingertips wanting so desperately to reach the end of this hell only to be sucked back in by my thoughts and insecurities

It’s like ripping off a bandaid

Who are you, where did you go? your adrift inside yourself, Lost, waiting for a sweet release, bullet holes or bleach maybe?

Bathtub thoughts

Growing up my mom thought the cure for any ailment was a hot bath and a cup of tea with honey and milk, I have probably bathed twice as much if not more then the average person. As an adult I have carried on the tradition, even sitting an empty bathtub fully clothed because it brings me comfort. Recently due to my life exploding … Read More Bathtub thoughts