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Muskrat Skulls

I got these beauties in the mail today. I’m so excited to add them to my cabinet of curiosities. #ilikedeadthings #oddities #curiosity #muskratskulls

Having skinny fingers is so weird.

The ring that I have on is one that my mom bought me in high school, I haven’t been able to wear it in ages. The ring is a size 7 and it’s almost to big now, I use to wear a size 10 when I was heavy. I had such chubby sausage fingers. Now I can see the bones in my hands.

So glad my son has good taste in music.

This was a few weeks ago at Guitar Center. We spent the day together just hanging out doing whatever. Super proud of how talented and smart he is. He gets good grades in school, he’s kind and respectful and he’s very responsible for his age. I couldn’t ask for s better kid ❤️


I should be sleeping but my brain has other plans. I have VNG testing tomorrow to see if the dizzy spells I’ve been having are caused by an inner ear issue. If the test comes back negative, i’ll have to have a CAT scan of my brain. The last time I had one done I felt like I peed myself because of the contrast … Read More Insomnia



Sitting in the quiet of the morning, I’m reflecting on what the word “Love” means to me. I hear the word love being thrown around a lot lately but I don’t see it being used properly. I believe most humans don’t understand love in it’s truest form. For the longest time I didn’t understand it either and I’m not going to pretend that I’ve … Read More Love

Tonight I lay down my shield and I pick up my sword. My heart is a battleground, my soul is my fortress, God is my rest. -Addy 

Beep beep boop…

Changes are coming as I have time to make them. New things. Good things. Goodnight.

Mermaid Hair

Eventually my hair will be the color of moonlight. I have about two more lightning sessions with my stylist before we start toning silver. For now blonde it is.