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GD Christmas party

My Christmas party outfit is now complete. I decided on boots with my dress because I didn’t want to be sinking in the grass with heals. I do love the high heals that I have on in the pictures though, I should have bought them. I’m not super happy with my arms yet, but a little more toning and possibly surgery next year. Either … Read More GD Christmas party

So glad my son has good taste in music.

This was a few weeks ago at Guitar Center. We spent the day together just hanging out doing whatever. Super proud of how talented and smart he is. He gets good grades in school, he’s kind and respectful and he’s very responsible for his age. I couldn’t ask for s better kid ❤️

Sometimes I’m sorry isn’t closure.

Today was exhausting but good. My sister moved out this morning, I had mixed emotions about it. I enjoy having my family around but I also like/need my alone time. It seemed like my house was always messy and that caused me to be anxious, but I guess it couldn’t be helped with 7 people and 5 animals under one roof. I spent the … Read More Sometimes I’m sorry isn’t closure.

But sometimes your light attracts moths and your warmth attracts parasites. Protect your space and energy.  Warsan Shire

I’m sitting here at gate A25, waiting to board my plane. My mind is much calmer and quieter than I expected it to be, with the exception of ” I’m actually doing this and I’m doing it alone”. 

Current Situation 


Listening to the rain and Stevie Nicks is stirring up my heart tonight. Thinking about writing a song and recording it. We shall see. 


2:21am… I jerk awake every twenty minutes or so. I’m agitated and anxious. My legs feel like they need to move or they just might walk off without me. What is this??

Tonight I lay down my shield and I pick up my sword. My heart is a battleground, my soul is my fortress, God is my rest. -Addy 

I am officially addicted to American Gothic…