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Saturday loveđź’•


My weekend so far skinned /boiled /cleaned a cyotoy head that I severed myself (it was already dead), took a midnight trip out to the desert for a big bonfire, baked banana bread, rescued three baby birds and went scorpion hunting.  

Maybe you don’t know what real love is.


Not sure what kind of vibes I’m putting off but I’ve had two women hit on me in the last two weeks. Today, some woman ran her fingers through my hair and complimented me on my eyes. This was not a butchy women either, she was quite beautiful and she spoke French. Quite flattering but Awkward 0.o

Spent the day with my Momma. We watched the new Cinderella movie and went to dinner.  All in all a good dayđź’•


Had my cardiology visit today. Next is an echocardiogram, blood work and a study of my heart. I do have an arrhythmia but not sure how severe yet. After the echocardiogram I’ll be strapped to a portable heart monitor for two weeks (oh joy).

“Such a mistake to want
 clarity above all things.” -Louise Glück

My life is just a series of short stories strung together by time, Memories and relationships.<3

I love old photographs 

I was helping my uncle and aunt with some boxes when I found these old photographs of my grandparents in their twenties.

I should probably stop watching Demond/Ghost shows before bedtime. I had some fucked nightmares last night.

You won’t break your own heart now, would you?”

“Learning to love yourself is a lesson no one ever taught us. They didn’t tell us how to deal with all the ugly scars that only we can see and how to close our minds to the wicked whispers that make us wish we could shed our skin like a snake, just to feel renewed for a few moments.  But inside, trapping on your … Read More You won’t break your own heart now, would you?”

Forgiveness is not something that I felt that you ever needed from me. You’ve never asked for it but I do forgive you.