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Photographed by Brook Shaden

Can’t wait to meet you

Dear Daddy

Originally posted on In My Own Words:
Dear Daddy, Why have you dirtied my flesh? Because of you I am broken, A fucking mess of a little girl, There are only shards left now. The scars that you left with your hands and your mouth run deep, so deep that they seep into my dreams. A faceless sin, night after night stealing my innocent’s¬†one…

This and That

Saturday: Busy day, I went to VonZombie with My hubby and bought a new lip ring. The one I had in came apart and the ball got lost when I was rough housing with my brother. After VonZombie, we went and did a bit of Christmas shopping. There was some man in Ross with a crowd of people around him, ranting about how we … Read More This and That

I bought a professional USB microphone. I’ve been talking about getting one for awhile now and my husband finally made me do it.

My loft before and after


The people you love become ghost inside of you and like this you keep them alive -Robert Montgomery

Pie and good conversation

Today wasn’t so bad, it went surprisingly well actually. The three hour drive didn’t even bother me. Doug and I talked the whole way there, mostly about the best way to zombie proof houses and our plan of escape if it ever comes down to it. On the way home we stopped by a cute little roadside place called River Rock Cafe. Out front … Read More Pie and good conversation


I do not want to deal with tomorrow in the slightest. A three hour drive to a place that I do not want to go, to be around a women that I disfavor immensely. I’am in aw of how many people play victim when they caused the mess that they are dealing with in the first place. My husband always told me not to … Read More Arggg

I love you

I am so thankful for my husbands Family. A special thanks to uncle Craig for the all of the long talks and good advice. Thank you for all of your support over the last six months. You put up with my cry sessions and even cried with me a few times. I love you and enjoyed having you in our home over the last … Read More I love you

Good Advice