Self harm

I bought this shirt yesterday at Warped Tour.

“To write love on her arms” is a charity that offers help for young teens and adults who suffer from depression and anxiety who also self harm. It’s something that is near to my heart ‚̧




Love this

I’m in need of hot coffee and vitamin C. I hope this cold is gone before warp tour next week.

Still working on this <3

I live on moonlight and softly spoken words about how I can’t wait to feel his skin on mine.

“You are my light”

His whispers are warm and sincere, like my morning coffee or the sun shining on my face through my bedroom window as I watch finches blown about by the wind.

I prayed in tongues to the stars for the forest to bring me a boy with eyes like the sky over the Bering sea.

But of all these friends and lovers, no one compares to you…

Hate and malice will not change hearts. Only pure love , forgiveness and repentance can do that.