Traveling and other missadventures…

Super long post……

It’s been some months since I’ve posted anything of substance on here. This is partially due to all of the traveling I’ve done this summer. I spent a little over two weeks in California visiting family and friends, exploring and simply just letting my soul rest. I came home for a week and left again a day after my birthday to Alaska. I’m finally heading home this Saturday (yay). The other reason I have not posted so much is because of health issue. I had to wear a cardiac event monitor for over a month as well as go through a battery of tests. I was diagnosed with Premature Atrial Complexes and Sinus Tachycardia, basically I have an extra heartbeat and an abnormally fast heart rate.  Read more



There are two parts to this update. 1) I now have to wear a heart monitor full time (I’ll go into detail in a later post ).  2) my tummy scars ar starting to lighten up! I’m super happy about this because they were pretty dark at first. I’m now down about 60 pounds 🙂