Bathtub thoughts

Growing up my mom thought the cure for any ailment was a hot bath and a cup of tea with honey and milk,
I have probably bathed twice as much if not more then the average person.

As an adult I have carried on the tradition, even sitting an empty bathtub fully clothed because it brings me comfort.

Recently due to my life exploding I find myself in the bathtub almost everyday. Unhealthy maybe, but I don’t care. I find everyone and everything to be horrid outside of these plastic white walls.

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

Why have you dirtied my flesh?
Because of you I am broken,
A fucking mess of a little girl,
There are only shards left now.

The scars that you left with your hands and your mouth run deep, so deep that they seep into my dreams. A faceless sin, night after night stealing my innocent’s one touch one manipulation at a time.

The stench of cigarettes and toothpaste were on every one of your filthy words.

I could scrub my body for hours but the smell lingers in my mind, trapped with haunting images of a monster that I will never forget.

“Monsters are not real”  you say,

well come take a peak under my bed.