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Creepy but cute 

Sir Quackles (named by my son) joined my family of other dead things over the weekend. He’s pretty cute huh. The wings I plan on using in an art project. 

Lovely Bones ❤️

I started the drying process on my Coyote skull today. I’m pretty happy with how they came out and from what I’ve read they will dry lighter then the color they are now. I will more then likely use the same maceration process on my next set of bones.  I can’t wait to start the creative process for this piece!!


My weekend so far skinned /boiled /cleaned a cyotoy head that I severed myself (it was already dead), took a midnight trip out to the desert for a big bonfire, baked banana bread, rescued three baby birds and went scorpion hunting.  

I love him like he hung the moon


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