Bowie The Kitty 

He’s such a happy little guy. He follows me everywhere (including the toilet >.<) and always wants to be under my feet or on my shoulder. So much cute ❤️

And his name is Bowie

For the last year or so I have debated on adopting a new cat. I currently have one cat and two dogs. My beloved cat Coco, the first pet my husband and I rescued together, passed away in June 2013. I was so devastated that I told myself I would not adopt another animal.

A lady posted a picture of three kittens on a community face book page that I belong to. It said that her daughter found three kittens sitting with their mom who had been struck by a car. The mom passed away. The lady could not keep the kittens because she is allergic. If she could not find homes, the kittens would be going to the pound. As soon as I  saw this little guy my heart changed my mind. I contacted the lady and picked him up the next day. He is such a love and he fits right in with our family.

Coco Kitty RIP

My beloved kitty Coco passed away yesterday.

There is nothing I can say to express my heart brake over his loss. Coco was a huge part of our family and a best friend to my son.

Seven years wasn’t long enough to have you in our lives. Even as I write this I can’t help but cry thinking of the many memories we have with him.

He would fallow me to the bathroom every morning , sit on the counter and watch me put my makeup on. He would much rather sleep in an egg carton or a box then his bed and he gave the best kitty massages. I will miss his face nuzzles and kisses the most.

You were a joy and we miss you so much already. My days will never be the same without you. I love you.