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Good Days & Hard Days

Recently I’ve had more Good days than Hard days, more energy and less bad feelings. This morning was the first time in a few weeks that I woke up in a panicked state. I had a nightmare about my son that I won’t go into detail about (it was horrific). I did some deep breathing exercises and after about 25 minutes or so I … Read More Good Days & Hard Days

Self Portraits: Anxiety and Depersonalization.

I’ve been working on a visual expression series of what its like when I experience anxiety, panic and depersonalization. I wanted these to be as accurate as possible so I took them while I was having an episode. Some of the pictures contain nudity so enter with caution. With that being said…. This work is mine and mine alone, it is not to be … Read More Self Portraits: Anxiety and Depersonalization.

Provisional blog post

Sometimes, the thing that might seem absurd to an outside perceiver of a situation is the right thing for the person going through the issue. I was talking about this with my therapist last week, in regards to an internal struggle I’m having. I had this close friend who hurt me deeply and our friendship stopped abruptly. It was revealed to me that she … Read More Provisional blog post

Health + Mental Health

Today was decent enough, I only had a little bit of anxiety and I only took one nap. The last three or so months I have been pretty reclusive because I’ve been plagued with extreme fatigue, anxiety, panic attacks and dizziness. It started to get to the point of “I dont know if I can handle this anymore”. It got pretty dark. I started … Read More Health + Mental Health

Redemption Room #3

Psychiatry visits make me fidgety.