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Self Portraits: Anxiety and Depersonalization.

I’ve been working on a visual expression series of what its like when I experience anxiety, panic and depersonalization. I wanted these to be as accurate as possible so I took them while I was having an episode. Some of the pictures contain nudity so enter with caution. With that being said…. This work is mine and mine alone, it is not to be … Read More Self Portraits: Anxiety and Depersonalization.

I love him like he hung the moon


Alaska 2015

iPhone camera + Binoculars. Took these in Alaska last summer driving down to the kenai River. #photography #cellphonephotography​   

One of my most favorite photo shoots that I had the pleasure of composing. My sisters wedding.

 When you have two beautiful people who are undoubtedly perfect for eachother the photographs compose themselves.              

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Mothers <3

Beautiful images of women and their children.