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I fell, like a rogue wave crashing towards the shore into the deepest chasm of your arms. Inhaled, like a breath after drowning, You pull me past skin and marrow, to realms only God and I could see. _ We waged war behind the veil against human-like demons with hallowed hungry eyes and whispered suggestions. “cast her out” He screams, but my stone broke … Read More Betwixt

Stardust Fingertips

A poem that I started working on awhile ago. Now finished.


You are beginning to understand, aren’t you? That the whole world is inside you: in your perspectives and in your heart. That to be able to find peace, you must find peace within yourself first, and to truly enjoy life, you must enjoy who you are. And once you learn how to master this, you will be protected form everything that makes you feel … Read More Faces

And We Burned

His warmth against my skin in the dark has been calming. We talked all night about nothing but it was beautiful. In between our words, we made love like everything was new. Like last April never happened. Before the poison set in. I tried so hard but I could not hide the glowing within my chest. He caught fire and we burned together. We … Read More And We Burned

The skin in my teeth

Emptiness echos in my hollow chest cracking my brittle bones. Panic digs in like roots causing lumps in my throat, I crave what I will never get back, the parts of me that died the day you said “I love her” My insecurities gasp for a deciduous substance, a decaying love that was once timeless. I inhale this fleeting illusion fed by doubt and … Read More The skin in my teeth

By Blood

Our souls are entangled forever, by blood, by skin, by scars, by whispers, by secrets, by pain, by tears by promises, by love. . . His lips, stained with my essence. He trickles into my bones, filling my chest so full that there is no space between skin and meet. Memories like, bullet holes with no exit wounds Explode out of my eyes in … Read More By Blood

3:00 AM

Ember numbers on my clock tell me its 3:00am I am laying right next to you watching your chest rise and fall to the beat of my heart yet when I close my eyes it feels like we are separated by oceans Why do you keep coming back to taunt me with your Conditional love and half truths? cruelly waving what I am starved … Read More 3:00 AM

Running Backwards

I can only describe it as running backward away from the light I reach out to grasp at fading flickers that dace on my fingertips wanting so desperately to reach the end of this hell only to be sucked back in by my thoughts and insecurities

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy, Why have you dirtied my flesh? Because of you I am broken, A fucking mess of a little girl, There are only shards left now. The scars that you left with your hands and your mouth run deep, so deep that they seep into my dreams. A faceless sin, night after night stealing my innocent’s¬†one touch one manipulation at a time. The … Read More Dear Daddy