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They ate me

His love was ambient, warm holy water. A baptism that cleansed me of my shame, my Daddy’s starless hands, my Mommas undoing. There was Him and then there was god. You see, I was conceived out of wedlock, unwanted until my momma stumbled into an abortion clinic “a child” and walked out “a woman”. I got my first bloody lip at age five, from … Read More They ate me



I fell, like a rogue wave crashing towards the shore into the deepest chasm of your arms. Inhaled, like a breath after drowning, You pull me past skin and marrow, to realms only God and I could see. _ We waged war behind the veil against human-like demons with hallowed hungry eyes and whispered suggestions. “cast her out” He screams, but my stone broke … Read More Betwixt

Stardust Fingertips

A poem that I started working on awhile ago. Now finished.

The skin in my teeth

Emptiness echos in my hollow chest cracking my brittle bones. Panic digs in like roots causing lumps in my throat, I crave what I will never get back, the parts of me that died the day you said “I love her” My insecurities gasp for a deciduous substance, a decaying love that was once timeless. I inhale this fleeting illusion fed by doubt and … Read More The skin in my teeth

By Blood

Our souls are entangled forever, by blood, by skin, by scars, by whispers, by secrets, by pain, by tears by promises, by love. . . His lips, stained with my essence. He trickles into my bones, filling my chest so full that there is no space between skin and meet. Memories like, bullet holes with no exit wounds Explode out of my eyes in … Read More By Blood

Let the silence speak

We are all fractured creatures, Tragedy does that to you. The best part about being in pieces is that You get to put yourself back together however You want too. I’m scared to rebuild the wrong way. Still, the pain radiates within me, The silence guides my thoughts, causing me to question my sanity. The only kindness you ever showed me, was your death.


It’s not the monster under your bed that you should be scared of, It’s the ones hiding amongst you.

Running Backwards

I can only describe it as running backward away from the light I reach out to grasp at fading flickers that dace on my fingertips wanting so desperately to reach the end of this hell only to be sucked back in by my thoughts and insecurities