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Sitting in the quiet of the morning, I’m reflecting on what the word “Love” means to me. I hear the word love being thrown around a lot lately but I don’t see it being used properly. I believe most humans don’t understand love in it’s truest form. For the longest time I didn’t understand it either and I’m not going to pretend that I’ve … Read More Love

They ate me

His love was ambient, warm holy water. A baptism that cleansed me of my shame, my Daddy’s starless hands, my Mommas undoing. There was Him and then there was god. You see, I was conceived out of wedlock, unwanted until my momma stumbled into an abortion clinic “a child” and walked out “a woman”. I got my first bloody lip at age five, from … Read More They ate me

Stardust Fingertips

A poem that I started working on awhile ago. Now finished.

Broken hearts and scars in only places she could see She just wanted to feel something And as she sat there in her bed Thinking about what words were said Tears streamed down here eyes And she cried If there’s a god out there please hear my prayer I’m lost and I’m scared I’ve got nowhere else to run I’ve come a long long … Read More


I can’t help but cringe every time I hear the word “affair.” It seems like I hear that word at least once a day, now that I’ve experienced the damage of one in my own marriage. A close friend of mine called me tonight, distraught because she just found out that her husband of eight years has been having an affair for the last … Read More Ewww

Lion skin

I wonder, can you daydream at night? Lying awake, I’ve had too much time. I’m watching picture shows in the shadows Dance for the crowd tonight. Imagination is such a vivid place to hide, While stars watch over you.   Through silent homes The lights are out but I walk these halls, The way I’ve walked before, Sleeping, with saints and apparitions between the … Read More Lion skin

And We Burned

His warmth against my skin in the dark has been calming. We talked all night about nothing but it was beautiful. In between our words, we made love like everything was new. Like last April never happened. Before the poison set in. I tried so hard but I could not hide the glowing within my chest. He caught fire and we burned together. We … Read More And We Burned

I see me

I use to fear being alone, especially at night. In the last week I’ve come to find that I’m very content coming home to an empty house (aside from my animals). My heart still hurts but I’m learning so much about who I am and who I want to become. I finally see the women all of my friends and family see. I have … Read More I see me

In the calm

I haven’t had many words lately. I’ve been overwhelmed this past week with my Grandfathers passing and almost losing my cat Coco. Sometimes, I think my heart is going to stop from sadness but It keeps beating and I keep breathing. One foot moves in front of the other and the sun sets again. I know now that strength is found in sorrow, pain … Read More In the calm

Today is a hard day. It took everything I had to get out of bed this morning. All I want to do is stay under the covers and cry. I told myself that being a pile of tears wasn’t an option. I will keep moving forward and hopefully someday this pain will go away. One foot In front of the other. Just keep breathing. … Read More

I’ll never forget

I’ve had such a hard time letting go but I can’t keep replaying this madness in my head. My heart can’t keep bleeding for “maybe someday” It’s time for me to be okay with goodbye. So… Goodbye

“I think grief is just the period of time it takes for your brain to accept that someone’s gone. Cause everything in your body, your mind, your entire being, just keeps bringing you back to the moment that they’re still alive. Takes a long time for your body to let go of that. It’s the hardest thing of all… to let go of someone … Read More